Manhood Max

“Most men have some insecurities and fears about their ability to perform and how they measure up, and these are the main issues that Manhood Max claims to address.”

The herbal dietary supplement is offered by Bionutricals International Inc. and specifically promises that men will gain several inches in size after several weeks of use.

Erectile dysfunction and declining testosterone levels can be serious problems for men as they age or thanks to taking certain medications. These changes can make it difficult for men to maintain or become aroused, reducing stamina and affecting performance. With just 3 pills a day, Manhood Max claims to help men overcome these issues and add girth and length to the penis, all while avoiding any of the side effects that occur when taking chemical compounds only available by prescription.

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To achieve all of these results, Manhood Max features nine ingredients working in synergy. The most popular ingredient in the formula is tribulus terrestris, a traditional medicine used in ancient China and India, which is even more popular today among bodybuilders and athletes. The herb may help boost low libidos and assist with erectile dysfunction issues. Yohimbe, an African herb that works to stimulate blood flow might be useful for helping to stimulate sexual excitement and is also featured in the pill.


With such bold claims, I was excited about giving Manhood Max a try. I took the product faithfully and waited for the promised results. After taking the product for two full months, however, my excitement was diminished. Besides some excessive energy, I did not notice any changes in size or performance. Additionally, most customer testimonials I found were not happy and complained about the lack of a money back guarantee and the inferior results. I did did not even notice a significant boost in stamina.



Manhood Max is moderately priced and available from various online retailers, usually for  $20 per bottle.


• Manhood Max is virtually identical to Erexor. Another male enhancement product sold under the Bionutricals International Inc. group.
• The lack of an online website means there is little verifiable product information and the majority of this data is not very detailed and is mostly centered on overblown hype.

Side Effects

Yohimbe is known for causing a number of unpleasant side effects including restlessness and headaches. Gingko biloba may also affect the body’s ability to clot blood and can be a problem for those on blood thinners.

Don’t Buy It

Penis enlargement through a pill is a major claim and Manhood Max has definitely overstated its abilities. Yes, the idea behind Manhood Max is attractive and the supplements are low-priced. However, the number of grumbling dissatisfied customers and lack of verifiable information about the product all lead us to recommend that men take advantage of other, more reliable products

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