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The market for male enhancement products that actually work is booming. It seems men are no longer willing to sit back and accept the size, hardness, and overall performance that come naturally to them.

They know things could be much better between the sheets and they are actively searching for products that will help them step up their performance.

Male Extra is one of the newer additions to this market which claims to contain all natural ingredients and has been shown to alleviate common problems men face from difficulties getting it up, staying hard, and  premature ejaculation.

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The benefits of Male Extra come directly from the ingredients which contain the following:


The one ingredient that gets the most attention is pomegranate. Many people believe that the so-called forbidden fruit of the bible was not actually an apple. Instead, they believe that it must have been a pomegranate. Pomegranates have been cultivated and consumed since ancient times, and they originate from areas that are located in modern day Iraq and Iran.

The fruits of the pomegranate tree are red and voluptuous, but it is the inside of the fruit that holds the power to increase libido. Effective at improving erection hardness and sex drive, Pomegranate increases blood levels of Nitric Oxide. It is also used for treating heart disease.

This is a fruit that many people like to eat, but when taken in higher concentrations it becomes a powerful tool against erectile dysfunction. This one ingredient has proven to increase sex drive and stimulate a much harder erection. It is combined with a variety of other Male Extra ingredients designed to increase blood flow to the groin region for stronger, harder erections.

Muira Puama

Although the name might be hard to pronounce, muira puama — literally “potency wood” — is one of the most effective natural treatments for men who have experienced a loss of libido. Muira puama comes from a plant that grows in the Amazon rainforests of South America, and it contains high concentrations of elements that improve the libido directly. One of the most powerful elements of the plant is the alkaloid known as muirapuamine. This alkaloid is responsible for increasing the sexual potency of many of the men who have consumed the substance.

Muira puama is more of a supplement than a food product, but it is one of the most effective super aphrodisiacs available today. In scientific studies, it has been shown to produce an increase in libido for most men, and it has also helped men produce erections more consistently. Effective at increasing sexual stamina, this herbal ingredient increases blood flow to the genitalia resulting in more powerful erections.


L-Arginine plays a prominent role in the production of Nitric oxide in the body while increasing blood flow for longer and harder erections.

Epimedium Sagittatum

This ingredient is shown to increase testosterone and increasing blood flow to the penis. The ingredients are completely natural and have all shown effectiveness at increasing energy to the body, improving the libido, or increasing blood flow to the groin area. These three things allow men to develop stronger erections that last longer while sustaining sexual activity longer thanks to increased energy in the body overall.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

The Male Extra formula also includes omega 3 fatty acids and flaxseed to increase sexual desire and libido while Maca and L-Methionine increase energy in the body to improve stamina during intimate encounters.

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Tongkat Ali

Another ingredient, Tongkat Ali, is said to increase levels of testosterone in the body which can help with sexual dysfunction as well. These are ingredients that can help with all aspects of a sexual interaction from getting the penis hard and maintaining it long enough for complete satisfaction to overall prostate health and energy levels.

These effects have largely been accredited to intensifications in the levels of testosterone. The results of a research trial carried out in Malaysia in 2012 embraced seventy-six men, of whom only thirty-five percent had normal testosterone levels. After one month of supplementing with Tongkat Ali, the number of men in the group with normal testosterone levels bounced to over ninety percent.

Maca Root Extract

Maca has an undeniable several scientific studies have also confirmed that the root has a positive effect on endurance and energy levels.

Maca works at several grades to contribute to a blooming and invigorating libido; On account of its health-giving material, it not only resuscitates the whole body but also raises the levels of testosterone and sex drive; all this is accredited to the unexcelled substances known as macaenes and macamides found in it, which help to intensify blood circulation which in syndication with uplift in libido enables men to conquer impairments associated with erection.

Side Effects

Male Extra is not very different from taking any other herbal product or dietary supplement. It contains natural ingredients that seem harmless, but which could cause side effects in some people.

You should consult with a doctor before taking this supplement if you have any of these medical conditions:

• Plant Allergies

• High Blood Pressure

• Aspirin Sensitivity

You should check with your doctor if you have any medical concerns or if you think the ingredients discussed above may interact with prescription medications you are taking.

Most men can take Male Extra without experiencing any side effects at all, but if you have any of the above listed concerns there could be side effects particular to your body.


• Natural ingredients

• Typically no side effects

• Targets all sexual problems men commonly experience, rather than just one problem

• Prostate health is protected

• 6 month money back guarantee


• Not available in stores

• Higher priced than many competitors


The ingredients in Male Extra are all natural and many are used for general prostate health, sperm health and increased energy levels even if you don’t have a sexual problem to solve. When taken consistently over time this type of supplement can bring greater health to a man’s body while helping achieve stronger, longer lasting erections.

Note that this type of pill is not the same as Viagra. You don’t take it and watch as the penis comes to life right away. Natural pills like Male Extra are designed to work over time. The herbs and natural ingredients get into your system and you start noticing the benefits as time moves forward.

You also get a DVD that shows exercises designed to increase male functioning as well. That is a nice bonus that can make trying Male Extra worth the small risk for many men.

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