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“High prices, and previous issues with product performance make Libidus less than impressive”

Libidus is just one of many enhancements promising a stronger libido. When taken, Libidus works as an instant enhancer, allowing men to quickly gain erections, enjoy prolonged sexual activity and get a temporary boost in energy levels while improving libido and sexual desire. The product also promises temporary boosts in both length and thickness. Although the brand has enjoyed some popularity over the years, it has also managed to be one of the more controversial supplements.


The performance of any male sexual enhancer come down to the ingredients. The ingredients listed in Libidus supposedly work to improve blood circulation, which can help enhance energy levels and boost testosterone levels to improve the libido.

The most talked about ingredient in Libidus is eurycoma longifolia or tongkat ali, an ingredient that has been steadily growing in use thanks to its reported abilities to act as an aphrodisiac with few side effects. Other listed ingredients include flos catharmi, which aids in blood circulation and ginkgo biloba, which can help increase energy levels and pump more blood to the brain and other organs including the genital organs.

Hidden Ingredients Prompt CDC Recall

The ingredients in Libidus have gotten the company in trouble with the CDC. The product was banned in 2006 when it was tested and found to include the pharmaceutical compound sildenafil, which is found in the erectile dysfunction product Viagra. Viagra is a potent drug only available by prescription. The company behind Libidus was heavily fined and the product was pulled from the shelves.


After taking Libidus, I was expecting to feel a major boost in our sexual appetites. What we immediately noticed, however, was an improvement in my energy levels.


Libidus starts to work in just 10 minutes, making it a fast acting male enhancement pill.


The fact that the FDA has previously found the product to contain hidden ingredients not listed on the label is troubling and dangerous.

Side Effects

Headaches are the chief complaint among users of Libidus.


The information available about Libidus online can be quite confusing and contradictory. Currently, the product is no longer sold in the United States under the name Libidus; instead, it has been rebranded and replaced with Maxidus. Although the supplement has now removed the dangerous ingredients that were in the formula and were an issue with the CDC – although the sense of trust is gone. Ultimately, high prices, and deceptive marketing make Libidus less than impressive.

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